Sunday, September 09, 2012

A roadie, i am not.

I am too heavy to climb well and i mash the cranks rather than dance on the pedals. I'm too scared of descending on rough roads on 25c tyres on a 17lb bike to be fast. I can roll along but i get fed up if there is too much of a head wind.

So it goes.

But sometimes, if the trails are too soggy or i need to burn some miles into the legs, i grab the Spooky and head out on the asphalt.

So it was today.

Fat, slow and unfit, with the Tour de Ben coming up, i needed to at least pretend i can gain some form. Hmmmm...

Sometimes, if i hit a good gradient and move at a decent clip in a highish gear, i end up smiling anyway. So it was round Carron valley reservoir. A slight tail wind earned by a drop off the Tak ma doon road and i got to Killearn with an average speed of 18mph. Thats ok given my fitness, i s'pose. Home after 44 miles in 2 hours 30 min.

Heres the map of where i was and what i did. 2 hours and 30 minutes of grovelling. A good wee bit of computer route planning geekery.


Anonymous said...

Descending on rough roads? - try using a 29er with Schwalbe 2.35 Big Apples (or Super Motos). You'll be hooting with laughter on those descents - at least that was my reaction the first time I used them.

The grip is way beyond what I'm used to on a road tyre.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha... welcome to old age my brother!