Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Ok. Desperate weather calls for desperate measures: i went to the gym.

We joined so we could take Daisy swimming. Really...i'm not a closet bicep curler. Daisy has chicken pox, but is cheery despite the itch. Tough wee chick.

 I went for a 50 mile spin on the road bike the other day and suffered like a dog. Two and a half hours of pain, anguish and self loathing. Well, maybe not *that* bad, but not good either.

I need to face up to the fact that i am not at all fit and the only way to deal with that (as Ice Cube would say) is to hit the ergo. So, a quick warm up with some 16 kg kettle bells - swings, presses, punching and press ups - and i got down to business. I usually combine distance (say 5 or 10k) with some intervals if i'm using an ergo, but it has been a loooong time. Today i kept it simple: 5 sets of 1.40 minute 500 meter rows with 1.40 minute recovery inbetween. I made it through just under the times, but damn, i hurt.

My hands have the tell tale red areas just at the base of my fingers that will become callouses before too long and the quads and lower back are feeling it. This is good though. You dont change your physical condition without some pain. Bring it on.

What else? Bradley Wiggins. So impressed.

Parts being messed around with: Saint clutch rear mech. Initial impression: RAD.

King Cage top cap bottle cage holder. Initial impression: useful if awkward looking.

Chris King greasing and fitting tools for the bottom bracket. Initial impression: work a treat. Super smooth servicing for the first and better fit than a Pedro's cup tool for the latter.

Ok: my dad's 70th today. Happy Birthday dad!


Chipps Chippendale said...

So you're desperately unfit, yet you knock out 50miles at an AVERAGE SPEED of 20mph? I think you need to define what you mean as 'unfit'...

AdamM said...

Ha ha! Chipps is so right!

Now, I am desperately unfit. I've never been this unfit. The combination of being a parent and travelling a lot for work (and working evenings to catch up) and having a pregnant wife are killing me.